• The School of Advanced Journalism announces admission for the 2016-2017 academic year

    Do you want to know what happens in the media behind the scenes? To work in television, to host a radio show, or maybe to launch a portal with fresh and qualitative news? If your answer is “Yes,” come to the best place where you can learn everything about journalism in record time – the School of Advanced Journalism!

    What is the School of Advanced Journalism?

    It is a project of the Independent Journalism Center, initiated in September 2006 in cooperation with the Missouri School of Journalism (USA) and the Center of Professional Training of Journalists in Paris (France). The School has been conceived based on advanced postgraduate programs for journalists and created according to the highest international standards in journalism practiced in Europe and the USA. An academic year lasts ten months, studies are full-time and attendance is mandatory. The main courses include: News Writing, Radio/TV Journalism, Media Law and Ethics, Online Journalism, Photojournalism, Investigative Journalism, Economic and Business Journalism, Media Management, etc. You can find further information on www.scoaladejurnalism.md.

    Why the School of Advanced Journalism?

    The trainers of the School of Advanced Journalism (SAJ) are important journalists and media experts from Moldova. The School provides students with equipment for photo, video, and radio courses, and with other materials needed to learn practical skills in the field. A fee is set for the ten months of study, which is to be paid in three installments. At the same time, the best students or students in difficult material situation may benefit from a scholarship, or exemption from the fee, or discount from the fee.

    What is needed to be admitted to the SAJ?

    To become one of the 20 students in the 11th class of graduates, you only need to have a higher education graduate degree and a lot of ambition! A degree in journalism is not a must; on the contrary, the SAJ welcomes candidates from various fields – social and human sciences, technical sciences, arts, medicine, economy, etc.

    Files shall be submitted before April 30, 2016 at 18.00, and they shall include:

    • CV
    • Form (download)
    • Motivation letter
    • Three journalistic materials (not necessarily published), or you can write an essay on a free topic
    • Two recommendations
    • Copy of the graduate degree diploma (2016 graduates can submit a certificate from their educational institution confirming that they are in their last year of study)
    • Copy of the identity card

    We are waiting for you at the following address: School of Advanced Journalism, no. 49/4 Tighina Street (3rd floor), Chisinau. For further details regarding admission, please contact: Veronica Marin - telephone:,  079909414

    e-mail: vmarinATijcDOTmd (* replace AT with “@” and DOT with “.”).

    Let’s reinvent journalism in Moldova together!


Success stories

"Seven years after graduation, I can say that this experience changed my career path, and I don’t regret it one bit "
“SAJ gave me everything – the most professional trainers, the best practices, and especially a job”
"The School of Advanced Journalism opens doors, you only need to knock"