ADMISSION 2017: The School of Advanced Journalism Announces a New Stage of Admission

Do you want to know how to “create” a radio or TV report and to learn the secrets of a successful photo? Or maybe you want to know how to be in front of a camera, how to make a live broadcast, to film and edit a newscast? If your answer is “Yes,” the best place to learn all these things is the School of Advanced Journalism (SAJ).   

The SAJ offers post-university studies, i.e. you need to have graduated from university, regardless of what you specialized in. The courses at the School last ten months (from September to June), during which students learn to write news, reports, interviews, investigative articles, and they also discover the secrets of photo, radio, TV and online journalism.

Our students work with the best professionals in the media, who do journalism as a job or who dedicated many years to it. Here are just some of the SAJ trainers, who eagerly share the experience they got over the years: Vasile Botnaru, Liliana Barbarosie, Diana Raileanu, Alina Turcanu, and Tatiana Etco (from the team of Radio Free Europe); Petru Macovei (Association of Independent Press); Alina Radu (Ziarul de Garda newspaper); Elena Robu (PRO TV Chisinau television); Liliana Nicolae (radio Europa FM in Bucharest); Nadine Gogu, Ina Grejdeanu, Cristina Mogildea (Independent Journalism Center); Dorin Scobioala (Reuters TV and Antena 3 channels); Anatol Golea (RTR Moldova television); Lilia Curchi (Natura magazine); Elena Cioina (; Dumitru Ciorici (Agora web portal); as well as freelancers (at the moment) Ludmila Andronic, Oxana Iutes, Nicolae Pojoga, Angela Ivanesi, Andrei Cibotaru and many others.

The people who studied at the SAJ can do everything: they can be reporters, presenters, photojournalists, cameramen, and editors of audio, video and online content. Our graduates – over 160 people in the already 11 graduate classes of the School – work in such media outlets as PRO TV Chisinau, 10 TV, TVR Moldova, TV8, Radio Free Europe, RISE Moldova, Ziarul de Garda, Timpul, Adevarul, Moldova Times,,,,,,,, Oameni și Kilometri.

Some of them found themselves in PR and communication; others run their own projects and businesses in media. The School of Advanced Journalism offers all the tools and knowledge you need for a successful career!

So, if you are a university graduate, ambitious, persevering and curious, then don’t hesitate, but … act! Put your application together and come to the SAJ!

Applications can be submitted by August 21, 2017, at 17:00, and they shall include:

  • CV
  • Form (download)
  • Motivation Letter
  • Essay on a free topic/published article (if any)
  • A copy of the of higher education diploma  
  • A copy of the identity card

We are waiting for you at the following address: 3rd floor, 49/4 Tighina Street, Chisinau, School of Advanced Journalism. For details, please telephone at, 079.909414 (Veronica Marin) or at 069.189010; e-mail:

Come to write your success story with us!